Solar battery charger ClicLite

The first usage of ClicLite
The internal battery of the ClicLIte reaches its full capacity when being deployed. Simply recharge the battery completely via the USB-Port. To do this, just connect the solar charger with the included USB-cable to your computer. If the white LED is not lit, the USB port is set to input and the ClicLite can be charged.
A short press of the button turns on the first light level and puts the USB port on output. You can now charge your end product with the ClicLite.

CliLite solar battery charger

Now the ClicLite is in full flow and you can use the solar energy. For the next solar recharging, fit in the Clicc solar modules.

The more solar modules, the better the output
Inserting the solar module into the charger ClicLite.

solar battery charger

The more Clicc modules are used, the faster the internal battery is recharged. If the sun doesn’t shine, ClicLite can also be charged via Laptop / PC.

All lights are on “green“
To charge the terminal of your choice, simply connect it to the ClicLite and press the button once. After 30 minutes, the energy is in your cell phone

Solar charger ClicLite function

The solar charger has an indicator light, a function button, and an ultra-bright LED light.

Green Control-Light: Permanent green light indicates that the battery is charged. If you press the function button, the internal charge status is indicated by the green LED flashes. Each flashing indicates 25% charge. When it flashes twice, the solar charger is half full. When it flashes four times, the device is 100% charged.

Control Key: Click the first time to start charging the connected cellular phone. The USB port is switched to output. The white indicator light flashes. Clicking a second time switches the LED light into the function of a flashlight. When you press the function key a third time, the flashlight becomes even lighter.

White LED-Light:The LED can shine in three brightness levels.